What challenges are we facing in corporate communications?


We work in a liquid reality in which everything communicates. Content consumption is ephemeral and fast, thus making it increasingly more difficult to draw a deep and emotionally involved kind of attention to our ideas.

Trust and credibility

Our audience is not an internal or external audience; it receives information from all sources at the same time. Employees and collaborators are both senders and ambassadors of the brands, and they may even have more credibility than the companies for which they work.

Our society is increasingly suspicious of the institutions and they request new levels of transparency, honesty and clarity regarding their purpose from them.

What opportunities do we have?

Relearning and redefining insights

Storytelling and -even better- Storydoing

Listening and intelligence

Real value

Taking care of our internal customer

Visual thinking


Corporate Communication Consulting

Production Partnership

Content creation

Live & Streaming