In 2014, a group of people coming from different areas related to the audiovisual communications and production field funded IBERIAN MEDIA.

Claudio Serrano, Isa Sáez, Xavi Igual and José Barreiro came together with the share commitment of creating a brand-new organization in mind, with a very ambitious international vision and with the self-conferred freedom to break some rules if we found them inefficient or obsolete.


How do we do it?

With people: building a horizontal organization in which professionals collaborate with each other; being flexible and multidisciplinary; motivating ourselves to learn, to share, to leave our offices and to continuously improve. Thus, we will grow as people and we will be increasingly valuable for our customers.


Our customer is at the core of everything we do: all our first decisions, investments, metrics and strategies are specifically focused on the value which is clearly visible to the customer. Rather than specializing in communications or production, we specialize in our customer.

With a digital DNA: Being constantly curious about everything and not being afraid of integrating new solutions which may bring us closer to the people involved in our projects, wherever they are.

Why do we do it?

Because we believe that one of the most innovative and creative production companies in Europe can be established in the Iberian Peninsula. Because there are increasingly more efficient and valuable ways of creating, producing and communicating and we love the challenge of doing it our way.

Because we believe that people can fully develop in a cooperative environment and we can significantly contribute to their growth.

Because non-conformity and creative exploration are enjoyed best if we work as a team and we wish to keep increasing the quality and the diversity of our team.


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